Very important report from PSE health and energy on FRACKING.

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Glouscester is feeling the pain of mining.

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Alan Jones talks with Julie Lyford from Gloucester.

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AGLS fracking wastewater dumped in sewers?

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Do you know who you are selling to?

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Caveat venditor!

It's more important than ever to make sure that you, or your representative, do your homework if you are selling property in the Southern Highlands.  This article by Jonathan Chancellor is a great summary of recent sales that were not quite what they seemed ... it would appear some will use any tactics to get their hands on key properties ...

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The incredible shrinking COAL industry!!

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Major CSG leaks at AGL gas field in Camden.

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A good article on the Australian Institute.

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URGENT - We Need Your Help!

Events SHCAG - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As many of you will know the Hume Coal Project was recently given approval to drill a further 25 exploration boreholes over a 2 year period in Sutton Forest!

We’ve received feedback that ‘apparently’ our community doesn’t really object to what Hume Coal is doing as the minister’s office didn’t receive any written objections! We need to rectify this now by bombarding the Minister with letters objecting to any new drilling!

This community has been under siege for over 4 long years.  This has had a huge impact on the affected landowners, not just financially, but also physically & emotionally.  Landowners have been forced into court and also land access arbitration against their will.

It’s costing these people many tens of thousands of dollars to fight the miners with no end in sight. Hume Coal has also denied landowners the right to have legal representation when in arbitration. They are bullies and will try anything. 

Hume Coal has now bought “Evandale” which is located right next to the Medway Reservoir, the emergency water supply for the entire Southern Highlands and the drinking water for 8,200 residents in Berrima plus parts of Bowral and Mittagong. Any mining could seriously threaten this water resource. 

Industry water experts recently completed a Groundwater Study that clearly showed that any mining will drain the water in an area of 200 square kilometres or more of the Southern Highlands affecting people way outside the coal licence area. 

Should this region lose its water, there will be a long lasting, and possibly permanent, damaging impact on all of the agricultural & farming operations in the area.  This will impact not only the farmers, but also all the businesses that support them, and the huge hospitality industry on which many rely for their livelihoods. 

Property values in the mining lease area have dropped significantly and sales have plummeted.  This won’t change until the black mining cloud is lifted. 

SO, it’s time to step up to the plate and put pen to paper people!  We need you to voice your concerns, clearly and loudly, to the ministerial office. 

It’s not often that we ask you to take action, but we do need urgent action right now, which is:

- Write a letter outlining your concerns (in your own words would be best) and send it to the Minister for Resources & Energy.  Feel free to cc SHCAG on this letter (PO Box 3380, Exeter NSW 2579 or 

- If you can spare 5 minutes, a phone call to the Minister's office wouldn't go astray. 

- Keep an eye on our website, Facebook & Twitter to make sure you don't miss out on any recent developments, and you can keep in touch with any requests for action. 

- If you can spare it, donations to help fund the fight are always welcome. 

And to save you the trouble, below are the email, postal and telephone details for the ministerial office. 

The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP

Minister for Resources & Energy

GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001

Tel: 02 8574 5600


We thank you in advance for answering this call to arms! 


Southern Highlands Coal Action Group

September 2014 Important Presentations & Dates

Events SHCAG - Friday, September 12, 2014
Undermining Australia

Saturday 20 September 2014, 2 – 4.30 pm, Robertson CTC

Musical performance by Paul Robert Burton and premiere of the new Lock the Gate Alliance short documentary “Undermining Australia”. An important community event not to be missed!

Date: Saturday 20th September

Time: 2pm to 4.30pm

Venue: Robertson CTC, Hoddle St Robertson

This groundbreaking documentary gives the first clear, compelling, factual overview about the impacts of coal mining on Australian communities, particularly rural and regional communities, farmers and our natural environment. It features the stories of people whose lives have been changed forever by mining on their land and highlights the groundswell of grassroots community action to stop the mining industry from ruining lives and communities across Australia. The film will be shown within a concert and community sharing setting with professional musician/activist Paul Robert Burton. There will also be guest speakers and a presentation of Dr Phillip Pell's Water Study commissioned by the Southern Highlands Coal Action Group. This is a great opportunity for networking and positive community strategies on “where to from here”.

Entry: Free Entry, children welcome, (donations accepted)

Afternoon tea including tea and coffee provided from the CTC Cafe

Bookings: Please order and print your free ticket through Eventbrite

More Information: call Larry Whipper 0407 932 922

Proudly supported by:

Southern Highlands Water Sustainability

Dr Ann Young, Environmental Scientist

Thursday 25 September, 6.00 pm, Mittagong RSL


There is direct conflict between the sustainability of the agricultural resources of the Southern Highlands, specifically its surface and near-surface groundwater resources, and the development of the coal resources underlying the area. The conflict echoes similar confrontations in other regions, notably the Liverpool Plains and the Woronora and Upper Nepean catchment areas of Sydney's water supply. Of critical importance are three questions - how much mining-related risk to water resources is acceptable to the community, how can the impacts of mining be predicted accurately and how can mining activity be adapted to respond to any impacts that exceed predicted limits.

The presentation will track through the models used in the region to describe water-related mining impacts, and scan the relationship between community expectations and regulatory conditions.

Dr Ann Young lectured at the University of Wollongong's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. She is the author of several academic books - Environmental change in Australia since 1788, Soils in the Australian landscape and Sandstone landforms, as well as popular books - Understanding the scenery of Royal and Morton national parks. Since her retirement in 2002, she has renewed her interest in upland swamps (her PhD topic) and been involved in environmental assessment of impacts of longwall coal extraction, especially in the catchment areas, via membership of Community Consultative Committees and submissions to government inquiries.

For further details and to make a booking for this event please click here.

Spring Sunday in the Gardens of Sutton Forest

A rare opportunity to visit three private gardens:

Historic Hillview – garden & house inspection

Romantic Rotherwood – rural estate garden

Brigalow – magnificent native bush garden

All closely situated on the Illawarra Highway, Sutton Forest (look for the flags).

Then join us for fun at Hillview – Devonshire Teas, Sausage Sizzle & more, stalls, Spinning & Weaving demonstrations, Morris Dancers, musical entertainment PLUS a magician for the children.

Adults Entry - $15, includes all gardens

Childrens Entry – Free

In support of the Carters Lane Blockade Fund & supported by the Southern Highlands Coal Action Group