CSG Leak in Sydney's Suburbs

Events SHCAG - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

From our friends at Our Land Our Water Our Future ...

"On Sunday night in Sydney’s south west one of AGL’s coal seam gas wells started hissing loudly and leaking gas straight into the air, just a few hundred metres from family homes.

Spring Farm residents called the fire brigade who established an exclusion zone before working for hours to shut it off. 

Last night AGL told media it wasn’t aware of any trouble, but today the gas company is saying they acted immediately and there is nothing to worry about.  Now the Environment Protection Authority are investigating.

The NSW Government is yet to acknowledge the coal seam gas leak.  Resources Minister Anthony Roberts says his rules for coal seam gas protect our communities.  But the rules for residential exclusion zones don’t apply to south west Sydney or Gloucester.  Locals are expected to live with gasfields next door to their homes. 

Will you call Resources Minister Anthony Roberts (02 9228 5289) and ask him why residents in south west Sydney and Gloucester are not protected from Coal Seam Gas?

You can also email the Minister using this simple form our friends at Lock the Gate have set up: email Minister Roberts today

This coal seam gas leak is not the first time AGL has had something go wrong at its Camden Gas Project in south west Sydney. Over and over, AGL has been fined for breaching its licence for air pollution, monitoring failures, and even a well blow out that saw an uncontrolled foam released into the air near homes and a local waterway. 

Let's tell Minister Roberts no-one should have to live in a gasfield: call on (02) 9228 5289 or click here to email.

Here are a few things you can ask the Minister to do to ensure our communities and environment are safe from coal seam gas:

- Suspend AGL's approval to frack in Gloucester, and review all CSG approvals there.

- Decommission existing gas wells within 2km of homes at AGL's Camden gasfield.

- Investigate and prosecute all pollution incidents at AGL's Camden gasfield.

Give Minister Robert's office a call on (02) 9228 5289 or click here to email

You can ask your friends to take action by forwarding this or sharing on Facebook or Twitter."



From the Coalface - Edition 01 (25/08/14)

Events SHCAG - Monday, August 25, 2014


Welcome to the first edition of the monthly newsletter of SHCAG's volunteers.    

We hope that through this newsletter we will be better able to keep you up to date with the activities of your committee and the many devoted volunteers who are at the coalface, so to speak, on a day to day basis.

Hopefully you have all read Peter Martin’s July newsletter which has given you an update on our activities so far (please see our website if you have not). I ask you to send this, and also Peter’s newsletter, on to all your contacts as this is a great way to spread the word about our successes so far and our immediate plans for the ongoing fight.

Each month we will profile a volunteer so you can understand what motivates their activities.  We will also be highlighting some supportive businesses as these are the businesses we in turn need to support so they can grow their sustainable businesses, and help grow our community without destroying our precious environment.  As like-minded people it is uplifting for us all to support one another and build the community we want.


Volunteer Activity Update

Last Friday about 30 of us had a small peaceful 45 minute protest outside Hume’s office with signs and singing. We wanted the Moss Vale community and Hume Coal to know that we are not going away and will fight to the end.  Many supportive toots were forthcoming from the passersby, and all in all we had a great time. There certainly is a good feeling when you participate in something like this. We plan to do this monthly so if you would like to join us please contact me ( for details. 


This Month’s Volunteer Profile   

Ann Mawson - A founding volunteer whom I met on Exeter Railway station of all places. (Yes, I never stop harassing people about coalmining …)  Ann lives in Exeter and plays in the Southern Highlands Community Band.  Ann always puts her hand up and writes the absolutely best letters to the local paper and loves a good protest in front of Hume Coal’s office in Moss Vale. Here is an example of Ann’s special talent as she sums up her feelings with her rewriting of Blowing in the Wind.

“How much destruction, will it take ‘til we know,

That mining will destroy our land and water

Til’ we make, the people understand.

How many crooked politicians must we find,

Before blatant bribery is banned,

Yes and, How long can trees, birds and animals survive?

When miners drain the water, from the ground,

And where will the people go, who no longer have a home If we bury our heads in the sand”.

The answer my friend is blowin’ in the  wind,

The answer is blowin’ in the wind” (Bob Dylan)

Be aware that coal mines produce coal dust pollution that also blows in the wind.

A Mawson, Exeter.  

Please contact me if you would like to join our volunteers group. All hands welcome (   


This Months Business Highlights

Exeter General Store

Craig and Lauren have totally revamped the General store since they took over and it is now the hub of social life in the area - our local Café, Post Office and featuring pre-loved books and gifts and food items, many of which are sourced locally.  Craig and Lauren’s view is that to ensure the long term future of our regional economy and social outcomes, we need to focus on our sustainable natural competitive advantages, particularly our beautiful and productive environment, coupled with our proximity to Sydney. We need to bolster our offering as a food & wine destination, and continue the development of high value agriculture.

Cafe Pirouette Robertson

79-81 Hoddle St, Robertson, Tel 4885 1930   Carole, Mark and their crew always provide friendly service, great coffee and my favourite, bacon and egg on Turkish. Carole feels very strongly that the environmental integrity of the Highlands must be protected at all costs, not only for the present but to protect future generations.  “Some things are too precious to lose“ says Carole. 


Other News

An Important Project - Living Under a Coal Cloud

A Photographic Essay Project by ANU’s Greg Sorenson and Yasmin Idriss. The Project will cast light on the ongoing SHCAG campaign against the proposed Hume Coal mine in Sutton Forest and Exeter. Greg and Yasmin will be photographing and interviewing landowners who may be affected adversely by the mine.  The project will broaden the awareness of the outside of the region to create additional support for the campaign by the work being shown at the prestigious ANU School of Art Show. 

If you are interested in participating please contact Sam Bailey by email –  



Please be aware that our last Thursday of the Month ACAC (Anti Coal Activity Catchup) meeting will be held this Thursday 28th August at the Sutton Forest Pub at 6.30 pm Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month, (the dates are also on the website). Catch up on the latest news, ask questions, share ideas, have fun and meet like minded people - bring along friends!  ALL are welcome!  


Open Gardens - 28th September 2014

An Open Gardens day will be held on Sunday 28th September 2014 in support of the Carters Lane Blockade - a fundraiser supported by the SHCAG.  Please refer to the website for further details as they become available.   


Committee Update

Please refer to Peter Martin's July newsletter for a full update on the work the committee has been doing.   

Further updates in our next newsletter …  


Resources for Information

The Australian Institute

The Conversation

Both available free of charge if you subscribe on their websites  


I hope that you will find our newsletter of interest and please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or comments  

Virginia Ellsmore  

Four Corners battle for the reef.

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Old Soldiers (Protesters) Never Die ...

Events SHCAG - Thursday, August 14, 2014


SHCAG's volunteers are alive and well as this protest, last Friday - in front of Hume Coal's office in Moss Vale - demonstrates. 

A belated and heartfelt thank you to all those who participated, and thank you too to all the drivers who showed support as they drove by!  


Support the Exeter Soccer Club

Events SHCAG - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As many in the community would know, the Exeter Soccer Club committee accepted $7,500 sponsorship from the Hume Coal project in order to stay viable. Following concerns expressed about the sponsorship from club members and others in the local community, the club made what must have been the very difficult decision to return the sponsorship funding to Hume Coal.

The club now has a new funding approach for 2015 and beyond to fund the club through alternative long-term sponsorships, fundraising events, junior recruitment and revised player fees. Some new major sponsors are already on-board. Club running costs are minimal, with the vast majority of club funds going toward unavoidable costs such as competition fees.

For 2014 however, they now need to raise funds to meet the budget shortfall and ensure the continued viability of the club into next season. All funds raised will go toward essential expenses such as soccer association fees and equipment. 

The Club has done the right thing so it would be great for the community in turn to show their support for them - so please, donate if you can.  You can click here to go to their fundraising page. 

Scientists link fracking to earthquakes.

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An interactive map coal mining versus the Great Barrier Reef.

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Anti coal seam gas protesters vow to give AGL hell over tracking.

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