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Events SHCAG - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As many of you will know the Hume Coal Project was recently given approval to drill a further 25 exploration boreholes over a 2 year period in Sutton Forest!

We’ve received feedback that ‘apparently’ our community doesn’t really object to what Hume Coal is doing as the minister’s office didn’t receive any written objections! We need to rectify this now by bombarding the Minister with letters objecting to any new drilling!

This community has been under siege for over 4 long years.  This has had a huge impact on the affected landowners, not just financially, but also physically & emotionally.  Landowners have been forced into court and also land access arbitration against their will.

It’s costing these people many tens of thousands of dollars to fight the miners with no end in sight. Hume Coal has also denied landowners the right to have legal representation when in arbitration. They are bullies and will try anything. 

Hume Coal has now bought “Evandale” which is located right next to the Medway Reservoir, the emergency water supply for the entire Southern Highlands and the drinking water for 8,200 residents in Berrima plus parts of Bowral and Mittagong. Any mining could seriously threaten this water resource. 

Industry water experts recently completed a Groundwater Study that clearly showed that any mining will drain the water in an area of 200 square kilometres or more of the Southern Highlands affecting people way outside the coal licence area. 

Should this region lose its water, there will be a long lasting, and possibly permanent, damaging impact on all of the agricultural & farming operations in the area.  This will impact not only the farmers, but also all the businesses that support them, and the huge hospitality industry on which many rely for their livelihoods. 

Property values in the mining lease area have dropped significantly and sales have plummeted.  This won’t change until the black mining cloud is lifted. 

SO, it’s time to step up to the plate and put pen to paper people!  We need you to voice your concerns, clearly and loudly, to the ministerial office. 

It’s not often that we ask you to take action, but we do need urgent action right now, which is:

- Write a letter outlining your concerns (in your own words would be best) and send it to the Minister for Resources & Energy.  Feel free to cc SHCAG on this letter (PO Box 3380, Exeter NSW 2579 or 

- If you can spare 5 minutes, a phone call to the Minister's office wouldn't go astray. 

- Keep an eye on our website, Facebook & Twitter to make sure you don't miss out on any recent developments, and you can keep in touch with any requests for action. 

- If you can spare it, donations to help fund the fight are always welcome. 

And to save you the trouble, below are the email, postal and telephone details for the ministerial office. 

The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP

Minister for Resources & Energy

GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001

Tel: 02 8574 5600


We thank you in advance for answering this call to arms! 


Southern Highlands Coal Action Group

Lock the Gate Raffle Results

Admin | SHCAG - Monday, July 01, 2013

SHCAG Community Awareness Committee's Lock the Gate Raffle Results

Congratulations to:


1st prize    Rod Blay               Berrrima

2nd prize   John Rowe             Exeter

3rd Prize    Annabelle Power     Bowral

 A big Thank You to all participants.We raised in excess of $3,000,  and everyone will be a winner when we win as a Community.


Admin | SHCAG - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The O'Farrell Government yesterday opened the floodgates to coal seam gas mining in NSW with Minister for Resources Chris Hartcher moving to renew 22 coal seam gas exploration licences including many of the most controversial and hotly contested titles in NSW.

The full list of renewals is available here  

"Barry O'Farrell has let the Energy Minister off the leash and in one fell swoop he has opened the door to coal seam gas drilling across vast areas which include some of our most iconic landscapes" said Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate Alliance.

"This is a dark day for NSW and communities from all around the state have every right to feel they have been deceived by a Government that promised the world and has delivered nothing.

"City and country people alike have been treated with contempt and their concerns about the protection of land and water over-ruled with the renewal of 22 drilling licences covering approximately 5 million hectares of land" he said.

"The Minister has renewed the Apex Energy licence (PEL 444) in the Sydney drinking water catchment, putting at risk water supplies for 4.2 million people and breaking a cast-iron guarantee made by the Premier before the last election" said Carmel Flint, campaign co-ordinator with Lock the Gate Alliance.

"The Santos licence in the Pilliga Forest (PEL 238) has been renewed despite the fact that it is still under investigation for a litany of environmental failures including contamination of soils and pollution of water.

"The fertile black soil plains of Bellata, near Moree, are not safe either with PEL 470 renewed despite all 84 landholders in the area joining together and submitting a detailed objection which exposed numerous breaches of conditions and showed these rich vertosol soils were no place for a gas field.

"In the Northern Rivers, the people of this beautiful region who voted 87% 'NO' to coal seam gas in a council poll on Sunday, are now faced with renewal of two Metgasco licences (PEL 13 & 16) that threaten long-term sustainable industries like farming and tourism.

"The brave people of Fullerton Cove have not been spared either, with PEL 458 renewed despite several major non-compliances with environmental conditions, a current legal challenge and entrenched opposition from the wider Newcastle area to drilling in their water supply" she said.

Information or comment:

Drew Hutton 0428 487110, Carmel Flint 0400 521474

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